Girl spreading flour onto table

Cake Pop or Cupcake Party 3+

Decorate beautiful cakes or cake pops. Make edible jewellery. Beautifully presented to take home.

Party lasts approx 1 hour. £15 per child, min 10 children.

Making a pizza

Pizza Party 3+

Throw a pizza party and you will toss your own bread dough and choose your favourite toppings followed by a gelato mush!!

Party lasts 1 to 1h15 mins. £15 per child, min 10 children.

Two boys measuring flour

Teddy Bears' Picnic age 3+

Make mini shaped sandwiches, biscuits and decorate cupcakes to make the perfect picnic. Includes a small bear of your very own to take home.

Party lasts approx 1 hour. £15 per child, min 10 children.


Chocolate Making Party 6+

Fill chocolate shells with exciting fillings, seal and dip to create chocolate truffles. Dip home made fudge into amazing, smooth courvature chocolate and finish with piping and sprinkles. Construct a chocolate lolly creation and present beautifully to take home.

Party lasts 1h 30mins. £20 per child, minimum 6 children.

Hands kneading dough

Adult Cooking Party

A group experience with friends. Choose from Chocolates, Canapés, Breads, Italian pasta, Indian starters to dinner party desserts.

Duration 1h30 -2 hours. £20 per person.

Optional extras

Decorate your birthday cake  £15
Decorate an apron  £5
Party bags from  £3.50

It's all in the planning... just hire us!