Our Philosophy

Our aim is to inspire and foster an interest in growing
and cooking food from a young age

Let's make producers not consumers!

We need producers, creators, makers, and growers to make produce and grow products for consumers to buy. With a growing world trade we are tending to consume more and grow and produce less. It may be cost effective to produce and consume goods globally but this is at great cost to the environment and is not sustainable.

In removing ourselves from the production and growing of food, we are losing touch with its origins and losing skills of how to produce and grow it. By reclaiming these skills we can be more knowledgeable, healthy and live more sustainably.

Learning to grow food is fun, active and educational. It is relaxing and can reduce stress. By teaching children to grow food we are inspiring a generation. The joy of a seed germinating and nurturing it to grow teaches many life skills such as patience and responsibility. We can all learn about seasonality, self reliance, sustainability, how to produce less waste and how to reduce our carbon footprint. By producing your own food you are reducing the transportation of it, making it fresher and more healthy.

Learning to cook can introduce a healthier life style as you have more control over the nutritional content. Processed or ready produced food contains more salt, fat ,sugar, flavour enhancers and has preservatives to make it last longer on the shelf. Learning to cook enhances self confidence; it is creative and it tastes so much better.

In producing, making or growing something, we are encouraging creativity something that consuming does not.

Join our crusade and hire us to deliver an exciting program of growing, cooking, and most of all, enjoying food at your school!

Join our crusade - Let's make producers not consumers!