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There is currently a huge push within the new curriculum to teach children about their relationship with their immediate environment and how that impacts on their physical, emotional and cognitive health and well being.

Grow, cook, enjoy embraces and builds open these ideals in a practical, fun and easy way and children adore it. Children learn through 'doing' and through Grow Cook Enjoy they are shown that healthy food is easy to grow and cook, and tastes delicious (children are always more ready to eat something they have made themselves).  When children become experts in this process they become confident, competent learners and develop real insight into the science of food and nutrition at an early age. This in turn equips them to make healthy, independent and informed choices about their diets and lifestyles in the future. It empowers them as future citizens of our incredible world!

Helen Williams, SEN Specialist Teacher

Wow ! What an enlightening, calm and organized experience!

Mrs McGhee to the rescue! Last year in our outdoor reception area we had a patch of soil that needed some nurturing, love and attention. Mrs McGhee offered to come in and teach the children about growing various vegetables, herbs and plants. We were so excited as I certainly did not have green fingers and was worried about the time it would take to plan, buy and implement the herb garden/veggie patch and have all 60 children involved in the process, as well as maintain it through-out the year and actually have some produce to show the children in the end!

Well I did not have to worry about a thing other than to have the very reasonable budget/cover per child charge approved by my Head Teacher. Grow Cook Enjoy offers a very  professional service from start to finish. She does all the planning, buying and provides all the equipment needed for the activities. Her manner with the children was calm, enthusiastic and pitched appropriately for the age group she was working with.

The children were engaged in the activities straight away, All 60 children had a very hands on experience learning about what they were planting, how they would be taking care of the plants through the seasons to come and even more exciting being able to pick the produce they had grown organically by themselves come spring/summer time. Mrs McGhee then went on to inspire to children to come up with a meal they would like to make using the produce they had grown with her over the months. She then involved each child within small groups throughout the morning by having them pick, clean, cut and prepare the food they had grown and turn it into a tasty meal that they wanted to cook and eat. FANTASTIC!!!

I would highly recommend Mrs McGhee’s –  Grow Cook Enjoy services to any school, organization or children’s group looking for a very  worthwhile learning experience that not  only teachers but provides a very tasty end product as well. Thank You! It was a pleasure working with Mrs McGhee and we look forward to her services again this year with my new reception cohort.

Sharyn McCarthy - Reception Teacher/Leader of Learning at SGPS

I have been attending the cooking sessions with Jayne for 4 months and my 2 year old daughter has flourished.  Within the class the children are developing their motor skills.  The activities help provide visual stimulation, increase independence, side-by-side interaction with other children in the class, and experiences to initiate and enhance cognitive and motor skills.  These sessions offer the children the opportunity to grow and explore their world focusing on food using all of their senses.

Vicky Sumner, Director of Sport at The Laurels School, Clapham.

Grow Cook Enjoy have provided sessions at The Playhouse Pre School Epsom. The children are really proud of the things they take home so classes are great for building confidence and encouraging independence. The measuring and mixing inspire cognitive and developmental skills. The children love the hands on approach and find classes great fun. We all look forward to Grow Cook Enjoy coming to the Playhouse!

Adeline, Preschool Manager

My 10-year-old daughter thoroughly enjoys the cooking classes, and has been inspired to try to bake something for the family each weekend. My younger son also loves picking her up after the classes and is extremely keen to see (and sample!) whatever she has made that week!

Adele, Epsom

Amy says "lovely and friendly, and some brilliant recipes".  I say "She's really enjoyed the classes, we've enjoyed eating what she's brought home and it's made her try things she otherwise wouldn't have done.  Hoping that soon I can put my feet up while she makes the dinner ..."

Alison, Epsom

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